About the company

Novotis supports the NTP project

Novotis has made on of our servers available as a time server for the Swedish NTP pool. Read more about the NTP project here.

New servers at Novotis

We have been running our development environment, web, mail and ftp servers virtualized on a group of three old DELL servers running Citrix XenCenter. As the servers where maxed out on RAM already at 4 GB we decided to upgrade.

We are now running a DELL 710 server with, dual 4-core Xeon processors, 32 GB of RAM and an IDRAC card for remote management.

Together with the DELL server we also added an 8 TB iSCSI arrray from QNAP and a new firewall from CISCO.

The new server currently runs 12 virtualized machines in a VMWare VSPhere environment. We currently have

  • Debian DNS server
  • Debian mail server runing Dovecot
  • Debian CM server running Subversion
  • Windows XP running Teamcity and build tools
  • Windows server 2003 running WordPress for this website
  • Windows server 2003 running Jira, Fisheye and SpiraTeam for issue management and testing
  • Windows server 2008 running the VMWare vCenter administration console
  • And six different test systems for various projects

The vCenter environment is very nice to work in. It is easy to manage the VMs, there are good monitoring tools and it is easy to migrate VMs between servers or set up a new test system from a template.

The DELL server provides us with lots of capacity for future growth and will make it easy to try out new tool chains.