ISO 26262 – Basic Training

Duration: 2 days

Goal: Establish a good understanding in a project team of the key differences between a ISO 26262 project and normal function development.

This training scopes:

  • Brief primer on safety
  • Hazard analysis
  • The ISO 26262 safety lifecycle
  • The safety work products
  • Safety architectures
  • System development
  • Hardware development
  • Software development
  • Safety Analysis

ISO 26262 – How To Training

Duration: 2 days

Goal: To gain a hands-on understanding for how to develop safe systems.

Pre-requisites: The training builds on the 2-day ISO 26262 Basic Training.

This training scopes:

The focus of this training is hands-on work on safety analysis and development of safety requirements and safety test cases. Most of the time in the training is dedicated to performing analysis on a simple system. Different training modules are selected based on the target group, e.g. OEM or supplier. Four of the following modules can be selected. Approximately half-a-day will be spent on each module:

  • Hazard Analysis
  • Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)
  • SW Safety Analysis (SW-FMEA)
  • HW Safety Analysis (FMEDA)
  • Developing Safety Requirements
  • Developing Safety Test Cases

Tailoring: For groups lacking some background knowledge. This training can be combined with elements of the basic ISO 26262 training.

ISO 26262 – Hands On Training

Duration: Based on scope

Goal: To support a project in performing safety analysis and developing safety concepts.

Typical scope:

This training typical starts with a 1-day workshop to get the project started on one specific safety analysis (FTA, SW-FMEA or FMEDA) for their project. Novotis then provides continued support through repeated workshops and reviews until the analysis is completed.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.