Novotis offers:

We conduct training in-house for groups of up to 12 people. We can tailor training to specific company needs, for instance by tailoring the training to a specific type of system. We aim to provide practical advice on “How To Do” not just “What the standard says”.

SPICE Vision

Novotis develop and sell SPICE Vision a powerful assessment tool for professional assessors in ternal and external. SPICE Vision offers the following features:

  • Covering the complete workflow
  • Streamlined
  • Adaptable to differents assessment styles
  • Ability to add or modify assessment models

Novotis Blog

Defining an ISO 26262 process

Before defining a SPICE or ISO 26262 process, consider the the role of the processes in the architecture of the quality system. A useful quality system will consist of several items that will work together to provide rules and guidance for what to do. You should consider developing these items: Process overview Individual processes Guided […]

How to improve processes

When improving processes many companies start with the audit or assessment report and try to adress the weaknesses. That is a good approach in a mature company with a small gap to their target. If the gap is larger the approach does not work well, try this approach instead: Gather input on problems and improvement […]

Unit testing in SPICE and ISO 26262

This is the first of a couple of posts dealing with testin in Automotive SPICE and ISO 26262 projects. In this post we will focus on unit testing. Looking in the Automotive SPICE Assessment Model (PAM) we get only vague guidance on what is expected. In the notes to this base practice it is stated […]