Novotis offers:

We conduct training in-house for groups of up to 12 people. We can tailor training to specific company needs, for instance by tailoring the training to a specific type of system. We aim to provide practical advice on “How To Do” not just “What the standard says”.

SPICE Vision

Novotis develop and sell SPICE Vision a powerful assessment tool for professional assessors in ternal and external. SPICE Vision offers the following features:

  • Covering the complete workflow
  • Streamlined
  • Adaptable to differents assessment styles
  • Ability to add or modify assessment models

Novotis Blog

SPICE Vision help online

The SPICE Vision Help file is now web based and available online. Follow this link to watch the new and updated help for v2.6. To watch the videos you will be prompted to download Microsoft SIlverlight if it is not already installed on your computer. Help has been written using the Madcap toolchain: Flare, Mimic […]

SPICE Vision 2.6 preview

After a lot of testing and some additional tweaks comes here a pre-release of v2.6. A link to the exe version and a link to zipped version if your firewall prevents you from downloading an exe file. Check out some of the cool new features: document window to record documents reviewed new wizard to configure […]

SPICE Vision 2.6 functionally complete

We have now been completed functional development of the next release of SPICE Vision, v.2.6. We are focusing this release on adding new functionality for the assessor. Some of the upcoming features are: Ability to add comments to findings and sub-practices, e.g. to track improvement actions A new document window to log the documents (id, […]