Novotis offers:

We conduct training in-house for groups of up to 12 people. We can tailor training to specific company needs, for instance by tailoring the training to a specific type of system. We aim to provide practical advice on “How To Do” not just “What the standard says”.

SPICE Vision

Novotis develop and sell SPICE Vision a powerful assessment tool for professional assessors in ternal and external. SPICE Vision offers the following features:

  • Covering the complete workflow
  • Streamlined
  • Adaptable to differents assessment styles
  • Ability to add or modify assessment models

Novotis Blog

INTACS Principal Assessor

Mats Ramnefors has now been certified by VDA as a Principal Assessor for Automotive SPICE (ISO 15504) according to the INTACS scheme. The grade of Principal Assessor is the highest assessor grade awarded. This makes Mats one of only about 60 principal assessors world wide and the only one based in Sweden. Automotive SPICE assessment […]

ISO26262 Quality System

I have now completed a complete 26262 Quality System for an international customer. The quality system is written as an extension of a SPICE based quality system, with a complete set of processes, guidelines and templates.


I am currently evaluating new tools for requirements and test management, SpiraTeam, and JIRA for issue management. JIRA more flexibility in setting up dasboards and integration with other tools than many common open source tools like Bugzilla, Mantis and TRAC. I have now med the issue management for SPICE Vision from TRAC to JIRA. I […]