SPICE Assessment

A SPICE assessment measures the maturity of processes as applied in a project. In a typical assessment this is done by examing the “best practices” on three levels. Each level corresponds to higher maturity.

During an assessment Novotis interview team members working with a process, e.g. software design. In the interview we try to determine that the purpose of the processes is understood and that the proper activities are performed resulting in a high quality output.

Different ways (i.e. activities) are possible, compare for instance model based design with more traditional designs. We judge how well the activities lead to the expected output and how they compare to industrial best practice.

SPICE Vision Assessment Tool

At Novotis we use our own in-house developed tool, SPICE Vision. SPICE Vision makes us very effective in conducting and reporting an assessment which for the customer translates to lower costs.

SPICE Vision also allows for developing tailored assessment models for in-house use. Novotis has developed such models for combined SPICE and ISO 26262 assessment.

ISO 26262 Functional Safety Assessment

An ISO 26262 functional safety assessment makes a judgement about the safety of the system based on a process judgment and a product judgement.

Novotis use a SPICE-like assessment approach for ISO 26262 to judge that a system has been developed with safe and mature processes. This type of assessment can be offered separately from a full functional safety assessment.

To judge product safety Novotis performs an in-depth review of the safety case of the project. We work from the safety goals down to the implementation and towards the test and verification activities checking for completeness and consistency. We also examine the safety analysis to determine that the safety concept is complete and effective in meeting the safety goals.

Novotis Offer

Novotis offer assessements according to:

  • ISO 15504 (SPICE)
  • Automotive SPICE
  • ISO 26262 Functional Safety Assessments (Covering product and processes)
  • ISO 26262 Assessments (Covering only processes)
  • IEC 62304 (Using our won assessment model derived form SPICE)
  • AQAP 150

Novotis has extensive experience in assessing companies developing a wide range of products with embedded software. We have broad experience in software, hardware and system development using both traditional and agile methods. We offer both shorter informal assessments to support internal process improvement and formal 3rd party assessments. Contact us to discuss your needs.