SPICE Training – A Practical Approach for Projects

Duration: 2 days

Goal: Establish a good understanding in a project team of the key items to consider when starting a SPICE project.

This SPICE training covers:

  • The SPICE process model and assessment framework
  • Engineering processes, best practices and common solutions
  • Management processes, different approaches including agile methods
  • Supporting processes and typical tool chains
  • Preparing for an assessment
  • Interpreting assessment results
  • Internal improvement using SPICE

SPICE Training – Requirements Engineering

Duration: 1 day

Goal: Establish a good understanding of how to identify, write, review and manage requirements.

This SPICE training covers:

  • SPICE requirements related to requirements engineering and management
  • Identifying the requirements, from stakeholders and other sources
  • Working with a requirements structure to find gaps and issues
  • Writing individual requirements
  • Reviewing requirements
  • Managing changes to requirements
  • SPICE traceability, a practical approach