SPICE Vision Download


Unzip and double click the downloaded installer to install SPICE Vision on your computer.

SPICE Vision requires Microsoft .NET Framework V4.7.1 (full) or later to run. The .NET Framework web installer is included in the installation package. If .NET Framework V4.7.1 is not detected on installation the full .NET installation package will be downloaded from Microsoft and installed prior to the installation of SPICE Vision 2.

If you want to use SPICE Vision in Trial mode you must request a trial license.

Changes in V2.8.2617 (2019-03-05)

NEW: Added support for version 3.0 and 3.1 of Automotive SPICE
NEW: Added support for Office 365 templates
NEW: Excel and PPT reports can be generated directly from findings
NEW: Allow format characters in framework elements
IMP: Improved undo / redo of Workproduct and Participant rows
IMP: Added context menus for Findings and Workproducts
IMP: Simplified activation dialogue
IMP: Improved diagnostics of licensing failures
IMP: Improved wrapping of long japanese lines
IMP: Display capability level name in plot if it fits
IMP: Modify indicator column width to better fit small screens
FIX: Fixed exceptions on certain pane configurations
FIX: Fixed and issues with undo / redo of drag and drop of sets of findings
FIX: Fixed an issue with registration and activation forms on HDPI displays
FIX: Fixed an issue in layout of assessment input in MS Word report
FIX: Fixed and issue with assessment schedule dates for US locale