Novotis offers:

We conduct training in-house for groups of up to 12 people. We can tailor training to specific company needs, for instance by tailoring the training to a specific type of system. We aim to provide practical advice on “How To Do” not just “What the standard says”.

SPICE Vision

Novotis develop and sell SPICE Vision a powerful assessment tool for professional assessors in ternal and external. SPICE Vision offers the following features:

  • Covering the complete workflow
  • Streamlined
  • Adaptable to differents assessment styles
  • Ability to add or modify assessment models

Novotis Blog

Ensuring consistency of safety documentation

To ensure that different team (System, SW and HW) aligns to the same set of safety mechanisms (SM), Novotis uses a SM list. The SM list provides information about each safety mechanism is use, a unique identifier, the type of fault it addresses, and the design and diagnostic coverage. In a typical scenario the safety […]

Automotive SPICE framework v3.0

The Automotive SPICE framework v3.0 is now available for download in Japanese or English on our download page. To use the framework copy it to the Frameworks sub-folder in the My Assessment folder.

ISO 26262 – How To Training

Development teams have been asking for ISO 26262 training that focus more on how to develop a safe system. To meet this demand Novotis has developed a training with a heavy focus on practical exercices around the topics many teams find challenging: Safety analysis (HW, SW, System) Defining safety requirements Designing safety test cases This […]