The ISO 26262 Challenge

Companies that are starting ISO 26262 projects struggle with understanding what is required by the standard and how to implement ISO 26262 in a lean and effective way.

Common issues are:

  • Understanding how to review customer safety requirements
  • Estimating the needed extra work for a functional safety project
  • Finding an effective safety architecture at a reasonable cost
  • Aligning safety documentation to the existing document structure
  • Optimizing the test plan
  • Preparing for a safety assessment

The Novotis Solution

Novotis works with a palette of different solutions to provide ISO 26262 support to your company:

Novotis has an interative approach to establishing and improving processes and methods. We work hands-on in the project with the projects work products. We work in short iterations. Typically 2 – 3 iterations of one month is sufficient to establish a new area like safety design or safety analysis.

Novotis ISO 26262 Support

Novotis suggest a gap analysis and training session as a first step in an improvement project. Based on scope Novotis offers that as a 3 – 5 day activity. This will create awareness, build knowledge and identify ISO 26262 support priorities.

If your project is starting up Novotis can offer a ISO 26262 support package of 5 days to be used for shorter 1 day workshops and on-the-job-training. This can be very effective in the initial quotation and planning phase to help you get started quickly and effectively.

We will tailor a support package to your need. Contact us to discuss your needs.