Developed by Assessors for Assessors

SPICE Vision is a quick, powerful and flexible assessment tool written by assessors for assessors. SPICE Vision supports you in performing ISO/IEC 15504 assessments using the ISO or Automotive SPICE assessment models.

We developed SPICE Vision when we were not happy with existing tools on the market. Our goal was a tool that supported our workflow with a minimum of fuss allowing us to focus on the assessment.

Key Features

SPICE Vision provides a standards compliant workflow.

In the preparation phase SPICE Vision support collecting assessment input, defining a scope and preparing a schedule.

SPICE Vision is easy to use during an assessment. You have quick access to the assessment model and many options for recording evidence. The evidence editor supports formatting, drag and drop, boilerplate text and undo/redo.

In the feedback phase reports may be generated in excel, powerpoint or word format. The Professional edition of SPICE Vision also supports merging of assessments from several assessors and modifying or creating your own assessment models. Read more about the features.

Use Cases

When Novotis performs assessments we typically use SPICE Vision in findings mode. That allows us to record each piece of evidence as an individual finding when it is presented in the interview. We typically do not think too much at that stage about what practice it is related to or how it affects the rating, we focus on getting the evidence. SPICE Vision supports drag and drop of findings so we can easily rearrange findings between practices later. You can also classify findings based on user definable categories.

If you prefer a more free way of note taking that is available in the practices mode. In the practices mode there is one notes window for each practice. SPICE Vision will check for any practices not rated on a processes and remind you that something may remain. SPICE Vision also allows you to classify individual practices as “not applicable”.

For internal assessors SPICE Vision provides an indicator mode. In this mode an audit type checklist can be developed in SPICE Vision and later used.

It is possible to add company specific guidance on the process level and to edit the assessment model to include company practices or work products.

A common customer feedback is:

“This tool is developed by someone who has really done assessments!”

Purchase SPICE Vision

SPICE Vision is available with two types of licenses:

  • Individual PC license
  • Network license per simultaneous user

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