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Using SPICE Vision for ISO 26262 audits

I recently developed an ISO 26262 assessment model for SPICE Vision to be able to perform a combined Automotive SPICE assessment and ISO 26262 audit for a client. After having tried out the approach it seems to work well.

The only drawback is that there is some overlap between the models and therefore some weaknesses/non-conformances will be duplicated.

The ability of SPICE Vision to generate MS Word reports from parts of the audit / assessment allows the creation of separate or combined reports for the SPICE assessment or the 26262 audit.

INTACS Principal Assessor

Mats Ramnefors has now been certified by VDA as a Principal Assessor for Automotive SPICE (ISO 15504) according to the INTACS scheme.

The grade of Principal Assessor is the highest assessor grade awarded. This makes Mats one of only about 60 principal assessors world wide and the only one based in Sweden.

Automotive SPICE assessment is a contractual obligation for suppliers to the automotive industry. Mats has broad experience from assessment with more than 30 suppliers including suppliers with a strong focus on system and safety aspects.

ISO26262 Quality System

I have now completed a complete 26262 Quality System for an international customer. The quality system is written as an extension of a SPICE based quality system, with a complete set of processes, guidelines and templates.