The assessment tool

SPICE Vision 2.5 available

The new 2.5 release of SPICE Vision is now available. Check the download page for information about what is new in this release and to download the update. The update is free for all customer having a v2 license.

Using SPICE Vision for ISO 26262 audits

I recently developed an ISO 26262 assessment model for SPICE Vision to be able to perform a combined Automotive SPICE assessment and ISO 26262 audit for a client. After having tried out the approach it seems to work well.

The only drawback is that there is some overlap between the models and therefore some weaknesses/non-conformances will be duplicated.

The ability of SPICE Vision to generate MS Word reports from parts of the audit / assessment allows the creation of separate or combined reports for the SPICE assessment or the 26262 audit.

License server back online

During migration to our new webserver we had a server crash affecting the license server for SpiceVision. The server is now restored and everything should be running as normal.