SPICE Vision 2.6 functionally complete

We have now been completed functional development of the next release of SPICE Vision, v.2.6.

We are focusing this release on adding new functionality for the assessor. Some of the upcoming features are:

  • Ability to add comments to findings and sub-practices, e.g. to track improvement actions
  • A new document window to log the documents (id, name and version) you have assessed
  • A new 4-state rating control for sub-practices, to provide F, N, not applicable and not rated states
  • A new wizard to more easily configure the assessment editor
  • Ability to filter findings based on type
  • User configurable color coding for findings
  • Improved layout for sub-practices
  • Framework viewer now auto scrolls to keep current practice in view
  • Moving to WebHelp and .Net 4 reduces the size of the installer by a factor of four

We will provide a some more information on the new features in upcoming blogposts and plan to publish a beta once we have completed basic regression.